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  • Date Occurred: 01/28/2016
  • Reported Damages: $86.00
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The complaint is against an online dating profile

The complaint is a listing fraud posted on public forums or sites against an anonymous entity

The complaint is mobile text spam or smishing related against an anonymous entity

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I've sold my account trough livechat for 86$ and i accepted it. So after around five days I checked the website to look for my account progress. They sell for 209$ for my account. And I livechat them say it overprice and its hard to get a buyer. Then, i just simply ask them to get my account back and he gave me the wrong password. Then I said its the wrong password and he left the chat. He changed the email to a new email using my name. Its a yahoo mail. They pretend that i just recoverd my account and because the email is my name. I don't even have access to that email. They just keep ignoring me. I have all of the proof.

11:53:06 PM:

Call accepted by operator Sky. Currently in room: Sky.

11:53:11 PM: Sky:

11:53:19 PM: adli hakim:

11:53:25 PM: adli hakim:
i sold an acc to you

11:53:31 PM: Sky:
Login name?

11:53:31 PM: adli hakim:

11:53:53 PM: Sky:

11:53:58 PM: Sky:
its still in sale

11:54:04 PM: adli hakim:
how long does it take

11:54:08 PM: adli hakim:
and i see ur price is overprice

11:54:13 PM: adli hakim:

11:54:13 PM: Sky:
normally 1-2 weeks

11:54:15 PM: Sky:
no worries

11:54:25 PM: adli hakim:
can you guarantee it

11:54:30 PM: adli hakim:
i need the money fast

11:54:35 PM: adli hakim:
or i will sell it to other

11:54:38 PM: Sky:
no way to guratantee

11:54:42 PM: Sky:

11:54:46 PM: Sky:
i will give u back

11:54:48 PM: adli hakim:

11:54:53 PM: adli hakim:
i want the account back

11:54:54 PM: Sky:
Moment plz

11:55:03 PM: Sky:
and we will never buy this account again

11:55:12 PM: adli hakim:

11:55:34 PM: Sky:

11:55:34 PM: Sky:
current password

11:55:50 PM: adli hakim:
change email

11:55:56 PM: Sky:
send request

11:56:01 PM: Sky:

11:56:58 PM: adli hakim:
cant log in

11:57:26 PM: Sky:
Moment plz

11:57:54 PM: adli hakim:

12:00:39 AM:

Sky has left the conversation. Currently in room: adli hakim.

12:00:54 AM: adli hakim:

12:01:49 AM:

Call accepted by operator Sky. Currently in room: adli hakim, Sky.

12:01:54 AM: adli hakim:

12:01:56 AM: adli hakim:
why did you left

12:02:00 AM: Sky:
We are about to send an email with a link to reset your password to a*********@y****.com.

12:02:07 AM: Sky:
the account already been recovered back

12:02:14 AM: Sky:
why you still come back for checking?

12:02:27 AM: adli hakim:
i did't recover yet

12:03:03 AM: Sky:
then its not your own account

12:03:12 AM: Sky:
its already been recovered back

12:03:12 AM: adli hakim:
its my account

12:03:16 AM: adli hakim:

12:03:18 AM: Sky:
i dont understand

12:03:31 AM: Sky:
you need to ask yourself

12:03:35 AM: adli hakim:
why me

12:03:36 AM: adli hakim:

12:03:39 AM: adli hakim:
is this a scam?

12:03:44 AM: Sky:
who is scammer?

12:03:46 AM: adli hakim:
i got every chat transcript

12:03:51 AM: Sky:
you are selling account and then the account got hacked back

12:03:54 AM: adli hakim:

12:03:58 AM: adli hakim:

12:04:00 AM: adli hakim:
no email

12:04:06 AM: Sky:

12:04:11 AM: Sky:
this is not your email ?

12:04:16 AM: Sky:
just try to recover it

12:04:18 AM: Sky:
you will see

12:04:20 AM: adli hakim:
why got ***

12:04:28 AM: Sky:
check on

12:04:32 AM: Sky:

12:04:38 AM: adli hakim:

12:06:24 AM: adli hakim:

12:06:26 AM: adli hakim:
i think

12:06:28 AM: adli hakim:
you guys

12:06:30 AM: adli hakim:
created that email

12:06:36 AM: Sky:

12:06:42 AM: adli hakim:
my email that i change from is

12:06:53 AM: adli hakim: is b4 that email

12:06:55 AM: Sky:
acting like this ?

12:06:59 AM: adli hakim:

12:07:01 AM: adli hakim:

12:07:04 AM: Sky:
do you think you can get something from doing this?

12:07:11 AM: adli hakim:
you are scamming

12:07:20 AM: Sky:
well, whatever

12:07:27 AM: Sky:
even we created that email

12:07:33 AM: Sky:
the account is original made by you

12:07:34 AM: Sky:

12:07:38 AM: adli hakim:

12:07:42 AM: Sky:
you have the all account ifnromation

12:07:47 AM: adli hakim:
i don't have time to recover it

12:07:52 AM: adli hakim:
i know you guys created it

12:07:54 AM: adli hakim:
im not a stupid

12:07:54 AM: Sky:
you can easily recover it back thru

12:08:03 AM: Sky:
with your orignal account ifnromation

12:08:10 AM: Sky:
what can we get from doing this ?

12:08:14 AM: Sky:
its a great joke

12:08:20 AM: Sky:
i dont have time to play with u about this

12:08:24 AM: adli hakim:
wow really

12:08:35 AM: adli hakim:
a*********@y****.com. this email is not enough later for

12:08:39 AM: adli hakim:

12:08:51 AM: Sky:
just reocver it back then

12:08:58 AM: Sky:
since you said its not you recovered it

12:09:08 AM: Sky:
just use your original account information to recover it !

12:09:09 AM: Sky:
thats all

12:09:21 AM: adli hakim:
and you have the hold of theacccount right now

12:09:27 AM: adli hakim:
i might take the easy step

12:10:11 AM: adli hakim:

12:10:18 AM: adli hakim:
you just took it of from the website

12:10:25 AM: adli hakim:
my account picture

12:10:25 AM: Sky:
yes, why not

12:10:30 AM: Sky:
you already took it back

12:10:35 AM: adli hakim:
no im not

12:10:38 AM: adli hakim:
for god sake

12:10:40 AM: Sky:
then just recover it

12:10:41 AM: Sky:

12:10:53 AM: Sky:
fucking scammer

12:10:58 AM: adli hakim:
you are scammer

12:11:02 AM: adli hakim:
i did't get my account back

12:11:17 AM: adli hakim:
i know that you know my name is adli hakim

12:11:21 AM: adli hakim:
and you create a new email using my name

12:11:25 AM: Sky:
then juste recover it back!

12:11:26 AM: Sky:
ok ?

12:11:29 AM: Sky:
thats all!

12:11:32 AM: adli hakim:
and after i give you to change the email you make it to that email

12:11:36 AM: Sky:
if you did not recover it back., then now we are done

12:11:39 AM: adli hakim:
and said i'm possesion of that email

12:11:42 AM: Sky:
just recover it back

12:11:42 AM: adli hakim:
for god sake

12:11:44 AM: adli hakim:

12:11:45 AM: Sky:
ok ?

12:11:47 AM: Sky:
recover it back?

12:11:48 AM: Sky:

12:11:49 AM: adli hakim:
i don't even remember the information

12:11:49 AM: Sky:

12:11:50 AM: Sky:
thats all

12:11:52 AM: Sky:

12:11:57 AM: Sky:
for god sake

12:12:13 AM: Sky:
<1>Login Name:
<3>earlier password you can remember:
<4>Account created date(month/year):february
<5>Recovery questions(1to5):
<6>Runescape bank pin: no
<7>internet service provider you have used (ignore this if you dont know):
<8>Your paypal:
<9>Whats your Phone num:
<10>Whats your country:

12:12:19 AM: Sky:
thats what you told us

12:12:21 AM: Sky:
use it

12:12:53 AM: adli hakim:

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